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Sanctuary (Studio Tour)

A look around my sanctuary.

My studio is my sanctuary. I got my first studio space in college. The art department had a few coveted spare rooms that they occasionally lent out to students and I was one of the lucky 3 who were granted one! I covered that place wall to wall in paintings, sketches, test pieces and even painted faces directly on the wall. It was my little slice of heaven and basically a second apartment for me. I certainly spent more time there and more all-nighters than in my own bed.

After college, I packed my car like a game of Jenga with a painting or piece of art in every crevice and moved home with my little fat puppy, Rook. My parents had an unfinished space above the garage that they were gracious to lend me as a new studio space. There were no floors, semi-finished dry wall and sawdust everywhere but it was good enough. I got back to work and soon had all 900 square feet of the space occupied. Years later we were able to finish construction on the space which allowed me to create a photography studio within it as well.

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